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Compulock Computerized Serger

The Only Serger With Touch Screen Control

The Janome Memory Craft Compulock is the only serger with a large, interactive Visual Touch Screen which displays timely information and in turn registers your input and selections. Choose a stitch with a single touch! From the moment the Compulock is turned on, you're guided through each step in your choice of several languages. You can page through a menu of built-in stitches, consider recommended settings, change settings, and receive messages using many of the same screen navigation icons you've used on your Memory Craft sewing machine.

From overlock to flatlock to overedge to rolled hem to picot edge to safety stitch, the Compulock has it all. Fifteen primary stitches plus six variations a total of 21 built-in stitches more than any other serger on the market. And the Compulock cover stitch is 6mm wide, giving your homemade garments the look of expensive ready-to-wear.


Nearly Triple The Working Room

When you look at the Compulock, you'll immediately notice that it doesn't look like a regular serger. Its design like Memory Craft sewing machines is clean and sleek. Plus, to the right of the needle there's nearly three times the work space of a regular serger. That's enough room to work with both hands, even enough space for your entire garment to pass through while stitching the final cover stitch.


With Automatic Settings You Spend Less Time Guessing -- More Time Sewing

At the selection of your stitch, Auto Tension goes into action. The moment you choose a stitch, every tension is set automatically and the Compulock is ready to serge immediately. No need to check an instruction manual to determine where to set each needle tension and each looper tension as you change from one stitch to another. At the same time, the Touch Screen recommends the best stitch length and differential feed ratio.


Follow The Lights For Easy Threading

Even professional sewists will admit that threading a regular serger can be a headache. What makes the Compulock so easy to thread? Depending on which stitch is selected whether 2, 3, 4 or 5 thread -- the appropriate color-coded Light Emitting Diodes illuminate to indicate the correct thread paths. And color-coded thread guides lead the user the rest of the way. Even if you're a beginner, you can thread your Compulock with confidence.


Auto Thread Tension

The words "Looper Tension" can send even the most experienced serger users running for their machine manuals. But the Compulock automatically gives you the recommended settings with each stitch you select. You can concentrate on serging, not experimenting with dials, knobs, and expensive fabric.


All your settings appear right on the screen, including the recommended adjustment for length, differential feed, even type of thread.


Customize And Memorize

Because it's a Memory Craft, the Compulock can "customize and memorize." Different fabrics, layers, threads or techniques may require changes to programmed or recommended settings. No more fumbling with awkward reference wheels or trying to remember that thread tension that worked so perfectly on your last project. You may modify particular settings on particular fabrics for particular effects. These modified settings can be put in "Memory" for instant recall. In fact, the Compulock can store up to 30 stitches with customized settings in addition to the 21 built-in stitches all ready for instant recall. As a result you get your own customized stitch package.


Five Safety Sensors Immediately Signal Where To Look And What To Do

Five sensors monitor your machine settings to remind you of any oversights which might ordinarily lead to problems. A "beep" initiated by any one of these sensors will be followed by a message on the Visual Touch Screen. And, the Compulock won't run until you take the indicated action. These sensors indicate when a door or looper cover is ajar, when the knife or the upper looper is in the wrong position, when the presser foot is up or when the wrong needle plate is in place. This unique Safety System is sure to minimize the anxiety levels of many users.


Standard Accessories:

 Spool Nets (5)

 Spool Caps (5) Spool Holders (5)

 Set of Needles

 Upper Knife (1)


 Large and Small Screwdrivers


 Lint Brush



 Needle Threader

 Needle Plate B for Cover Stitch

 Presser Foot B for Cover Stitch

 Extension Table B

 Needle Plate A

 Presser Foot A

 Extension A

 Waste Chip Box

 Soft Case


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